Thursday, May 15, 2014

WOC-2014 selected

Victory in Russian sprint championships (individual start) makes me selected to WOC-2014. Vladimir is a host city for these competitions. Result list  is here (in Russian). Summary in English for women:
1) Vinogradova Galina 15:11.5
2) Vinogradova Natalia 15:47.3
3) Mironova Svetlana 16:12.0
4) Tikhonova Anastasia 16:48.1
5) Korobeynik Darya 17:04.8
6) Neverova Anastasia 17:21.8

and for men:
1) Khramov Andrei  14:48.1
2) Kozyrev Andrei 15:17.1
3) Detkov Sergey 15:22.9
4) Dobrynin Sergey 15:25.3
5) Polyakov Dmitriy 15:30.2
6) Sidorov Alexey 15:37.5

Prize giving ceremony in men class (photo: Anatoliy Borisov)

Split analysis is here for women and for men.

All my chosen route choices I implemented precisely.

Nice photos from Anatoliy Borisov
This is my first gold medal from Russian championships in classical Sprint with individual start (before I won Russian championships in Sprint mass-start 2011 and Super-Sprint in 2004). Thats a good addition to successful  series in sprint  WRE in 2014 (3 times first, once second, once third) and victories in Russian Sprint Cups in individual and mass-start in March 2014.

Level of organization is very good. For first place I got a prize - nice blanket with thermo-regulation from sponsor Ascona. It is my biggest prize from O-competitions in Spring 2014.

Map from women final:

Results from quilification is here.

Morning map of qualification:

 P.S. Title photo of Vladimir Gorin.

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