Sunday, December 19, 2021

Diagnostics and Prevention of Overtraining: The Second Free Webinar

Many-many famous O-athletes experienced overtraining syndrome. That cost them losses of many months and even years of sports careers. Is it possible to prevent it? Yes! And the way to do this you will know from my second webinar "Diagnostics and Prevention of Overtraining" (2nd January 2022, Sunday, 14:00 GMT):

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Using O-training and O-competitions in an Effective Way: First free webinar

How to level up your skills in Orienteering? Thousands of athletes compete almost every week, spend hundreds of hours O-training without success. What's wrong?? You will get the answers from my free webinar "Using O-training and O-competitions in an Effective Way" (4th December, 12:00 GMT):

  1. Navigational skills in Orienteering: basic, intermediate, advanced.
  2. How to choose and implement way: An algorithm
  3. How to use your compass in an effective way?
  4. Rules of an effective O-training.
  5. Review of some useful tools (QuickRoute, WinSplits, 2DRerun, etc.) 
  6. How to use O-competitions in an effective way 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Free webinars for Orienteering athletes and coaches with interesting topics!

It's really important for athletes and coaches to keep learning new stuff in our sport. I am going to organize several free webinars. I need feedback from you about the most interesting and important topics. Please, participate in the survey (it takes just a few minutes)! Your opinion is important to me! 

This is the link to the survey:

76 topics are divided into 9 sections:

  1. Mental Training in Orienteering
  2. Physiology of Orienteering and Physical Training
  3. Technical Training and Cognitive Demands in Orienteering
  4. Pacing
  5. Recovery, Sports Nutrition
  6. Periodization and Planning
  7. Biomechanics, testing, and new technologies
  8. Hypoxic Exposure/Training
  9. Prevention of overtraining, injuries, and sickness

And you have a chance to choose the most interesting topics! It is gonna be exciting and useful!

Friday, May 29, 2020

New idea for indoor orienteering!

What is the problem with current online orienteering projects (based on Google Street view or CF/O-Virtual)? You are not running! It is more like a puzzle-solving. My idea is to use Zwift training with O-courses. Take a look at the video below:

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Is it possible to avoid forgetting important things before the race?..

Like a coach (National and club) I saw many times when stressed athletes forgot a control description holder, orienteering shoes, accreditation, bib-number, safety cord for the SI-card, and so on. Sometimes it is possible to fix it (wise coach has some extra-things). But forgotten O-shoes or head-lamp with a low battery is gonna be a problem! And it is easy to explain such things: when you are in stress, it is hard to keep in your memory a dozen things! So is it possible to avoid forgetting important things before the race?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Tim Robertson tells about factors of successful performance in Orienteering

Tim Robertson is the first male winner of WOC medals from a country outside of Europe. Like a strong international level O-athlete Tim has own opinion about the role of physical capacities, skills, and tactics for successful performance in Orienteering:

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Marika Teini tells about factors of successful performance in Orienteering

Marika Teini is one of the most skillful athletes in modern Orienteering. The reigning European champion in the Middle distance tells us about key factors influence performance in particular O-events.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Johan Runesson tells about factors of successful performance in Orienteering

What is a performance in Orienteering? How important is physical preparation relevant to other factors that relate to success in Middle, Long, Sprint, Relay? One of the brightest junior athlete and now the World class O-runner - Johan Runesson - tells about the relative importance of physical preparation, navigational skills, and tactics for performance in Orienteering: