Monday, May 5, 2014

Mess with control order at last women leg during Tiomila 2014 (Updated)

Usually Tiomila level of organiztion is perfect. But this year I have to report about one big fault. Order of controls at the end of last women leg was 21-23-22-24. What is correct way to react for such situation??? Rules tell "Competitors who visit controls in the wrong order shall be disqualified". In my opinion correct order means 1-2-3-4-..-21-22-23-24. And this happens at the cricual moment of women relay.

P.S. I understand the source of this error: probably during working with OCAD-course some person manually shifted numbers (to increase space between digits and improve readability), but he (she?) shifted it in a wrong way. But when you are really tired at the end of tough and important race, it is not easy to understand whats going on and what is correct way of doing. 

P.P.S. Helena Jansson told me that she lost time there as well: "I came to #23 and start to think that I nave not visited 22! Whats going on?.."

Some runners have a strong routine of checking controls order (e.g., to avoid over-jumping you should count controls carefully; also it is important for running with advanced systems of forking at mass or chasing starts, etc.). Such runners were most influenced of such mess because of confusing.

P.P.P.S. After the race organizers response for these claims: "Yea-yea... We know about this problem with your map". No one said: "Sorry!"

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