Tuesday, May 27, 2014

About touch free systems and punching trainings

Punching at control is an element of action system during O-competitions. Fortunately, now we can see that touch free systems are spread out around the O-world. And I hope that quite soon runners will not care about time lost while punching. But for the moment it is useful to test and improve these skills sometimes.

Our son Vladislav (1,9 years old) is trying to make same trainings like his mom

As for touch free systems: good news that during WOC-2014 this system will be used for Sprint Relay. Otherwise 36 mixed teams at the narrow streets would create a real mess. I am waiting time when Jukola and Tiomila will adopt touch free systems as well. And we will not see such terrible situations any more:

 Mess near control at Venla relay 2011

There are a lot of examples of successful using various touch free systems at many mass competitions (biggest marathons, Vasaloppet, etc.). Is it time to adopt same technology for mass and elite O-competitions?..

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