Thursday, May 1, 2014

Invitation to lecture of Vinogradov Mikhail (updated)

If you are interesting to hear thoughts and ideas from coach with full list of victories from top international O-relays, you are welcome to Kvarnstugan (Alfta, Sweden) at 7/05 (Wednesday). Time is 18:30.

Language is English. Details about lecture (particular topics) are coming soon.

Main topics are:
1.  Thoughts about differences in Russian and Scandinavian sport.
2. Coaching philosophy in elite orienteering.
3. Recovery program and injury preventions.
4. Using O-training and O-competitions in effective way.

If you are interested in participation, please, contact to before 5/5 (Monday).

P.S. Some achievements during my job as a main coach in Halden Skiklubb are include:
  1. 2nd place in Tiomila 2011 (men)
  2. Victory in Jukola 2011
  3. Victory in Tiomila 2012 (women)
  4. Victory in Tiomila 2012 (men)
  5. Victory in Venla 2012
  6. 3rd place in Jukola 2012
  7. Victory in 25Manna 2012
  8. Victory in NM relay 2011 (men)
  9. Victory in NM relay 2012 (women)
Also I have some achievements as Russian national coach and personal coach of some top-athletes:
  1. WOC 2010 (NOR) gold in Relay
  2. EOC 2012 (SWE) gold in Relay
  3. JWOC 2012 (SVK) gold in Relay
  4. WOC 2008 (CZE) silver in Relay 
  5. World Games 2009 (TPE) gold in Mixed relay
  6. WOC 2013 (FIN) gold in Relay 
  7. NORT 2010 (SWE) 3rd place in Sprint of Galina Vinogradova (RUS)
  8. NORT 2011 (SWE) gold in Sprint of Galina Vinogradova (RUS)
  9. World Cup final 2011 (SUI) bronze in Middle of Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul (NOR)
  10. EOC 2012 (SWE) silver in Middle of Valentin Novikov (RUS)
  11. EOC 2012 (SWE) bronze in Long of Valentin Novikov (RUS)
  12. WOC 2012 (SUI) silver in Middle of Valentin Novikov (RUS)
P.P.S. Title photo is from my lecture at Russian Olympic Committee at 4 December 2013 (author of photo is Max Zhurilo).

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