Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lars Lindstrøm comments on the IOF Competition review project and the inclusion of O-Ringen in the World Cup

I agree with position of Lars Lindstrøm! Here is the text:

"On July 27th 2016 the IOF and O-Ringen announced a partnership for the inclusion of O-Ringen in the World Cup. A strategic partnership, which for some can seem logic and a good move forward, but is this really the case?
Orienteering is full of tradition and many struggle to innovate. For many the general belief of a “real” orienteer is the one competing in all disciplines and if not, then at least in long distance. That might be, and for sure this idealistic approach can sound tempting. The problem is, it requires all to strive for the same, otherwise specialization will occur and specialist will gain an advantage in their discipline. This is already happening and it will only increase in the future. It cannot be prevented nor should it be, it only leads to a high level of performance.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bad and good way to organize sprint course

On the picture you can see a bad way to organize sprint course. The example is from SM-sprint 2014. Several top-athletes (Jonas Leandersson, Emil Svensk, Pavlo Ushkvarok, Ralph Street and some others) came to the trap: artificial fence crossing the street. It is really difficult to see such un-natural obstacles.