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Most bloody battle in the history of humanity: 74 years of ending the Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad was the most important battle of the Second World War and the most bloody battle in the history of humanity. German and Soviet soldiers called the battle like Stalingrad nightmare.

The battle cost 800 thousands of lifes from German side (including Hungarian, Croatian, Italian and Romanian soldiers) and 1.1 million of Soviet soldiers and civilians.

Almost all civilians (450.000) stayed in the city (it was difficult to organize evacuation because of river on the east part of city) and almost all of them died.

10th NKVD division was the first who met Nazi military machine. In the beginning of the battle this division consisted from 7568 soldiers. After few weeks of fierce fighting only 200 people left... But their heroic death gave a chance to bring reserves to the city.

During the Battle of Stalingrad soldiers were fighting for every meter! Military operations were planned to seize houses and sometimes apartments. During TYPICAL fighting for a single apartment during 5 hours both side lost up to 1 thousand soldiers.

Sometimes there was basement under control of Nazi, first and second floor were under control of Soviet troops and upper floors were under control of German soldiers. The control of particular floor or apartment during the fight passed from hand to hand many times. The level of violence during melee fights was unbelievable. Many soldiers loose mind.

Legendary Pavlov's House was marked at German military maps like 'The Fortress':
The defense of this particular house lasted 58 daysThe Nazis several times took control of the first floor, but have not been able to conquer the whole house.

General Chuykov wrote in memories: ''Soldiers on the way to Stalingrad were talking: "We are coming to the HELL!" But after 1-2 days survived soldiers told: "Here is ten times worse and scarier than in the hell...''

There were so many corpses on the streets that soldiers use it to create barricades.

From the memories of German soldiers: "You have to thank God for each hour that you remain alive here". "…Here is the hell. Less then 30 people left from my company [military unit ~200 soldiers]. Stalingrad is the grave for German soldiers''.

From unsent letter killed at Stalingrad German officer:
"We have just one kilometer left to the river Volga, but we just can not get through... We are fighting for one kilometer longer than for whole France, but Russians are like blocks of stone!"

The elevator near the Volga river was one of the centers of fighting in Stalingrad:

Average life duration of a soldier in Stalingrad was 24 hours...

2nd February 1943 the Battle of Stalingrad was over. 237 775 Nazi soldiers and officers were taken by Soviet army. Adolf Hitler lost his best troops and that was a turn-point of the Second World War.

But veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad (after 74 years) still have nightmares...

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