Friday, February 17, 2017

How to improve your skills like a coach in elite Orienteering

I am going to share my knowledge and experience during Elite Coaching Seminar in Antalya (Turkey, 5-10th April). Seminar includes workshops and lecturers with these topics:
1. Using O-training and O-competitions in the effective way
2. Interval program optimization in Orienteering
3. Performance analysis in Orienteering
4. Recovery program and injury prevention in Orienteering
5. Motivation management for elite athletes

Seminar is organized like a part of The World Health Sport Tourism Congress & Exhibition (HESTOUREX-2017). You will have opportunities to visit different sections of HESTOUREX, participate in O-trainings. Sightseeing tour around Antalya is an additional nice option.

Application form with contact details you will find here.

The organizers of HESTOUREX will take care of all the costs associated with participation one or two representatives from each country/club/federation.

Harry up! Deadline is 20th February! 

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