Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Russian Sprint Championships 2017: Maps, analysis and results

Today Russian championships in Sprint events is completed. Three days we competed in the Individual sprint, Sprint-mass-start, and Mixed Sprint Relay at the city of Novgorod. Maps, results, analysis are here:

14 May. Individual sprint
That event has WRE status. Full results are at IOF site.
Top-3 in Men class:
1. Andrey Khramov 15:49
2. Dmitrii Nakonechnyi 16:14
3. Igor Popov 16:24
3. Sergey Dobrynin 16:24

Top-3 in Women class:
1. Galina Vinogradova 15:07
2. Tatyana Riabkina 15:11
3. Anastasia Rudnaya 15:13

Analysis of route choices:

Split-times (in Russian) are here. GPS of men race is here. GPS of women race is here.

15 May. Sprint-mass-start.

Full results are here (in Russian).
Top-3 in Men class:
1. Artem Popov 17:57
2. Victor Dinges 18:43
3.Dmitrii Poliakov  18:46

Top-3 in Women class:
1. Galina Vinogradova 18:39
2. Irina Nyberg  19:32
3. Ramilya Shagieva  19:37

Analysis of route choices:

Split-times (in Russian) are here. GPS of men race is here. GPS of women race is here.

16 May. Mixed Sprint Relay.
Full results are here (in Russian).
1. Novgorod region 56:41 (Ivan Nikitin, Ekaterina Nikitina, Sergey Detkov, Tatyana Riabkina)
2. St. Petersburg 56:52 (Dmitrii Poliakov, Antonina Naidinova, Artem Popov, Tatyana Bevza)
3. Moscow region 58:14 (Roman Efimov, Nina Temyakova, Andrey Baryshnikov, Natalia Efimova)

Analysis of route choices:

GPS of men legs is here. GPS of women legs is here.

I have to say about a good choice for the event city. Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in the World, and it was nice to run in the Novgorod Kremlin. Organizers made a good job with updating maps and creating comfortable conditions for runners. This Sprint Championships had a status of selection races for the coming World Cup event in Finland.

P.S. The author of two first photos is Andrey Bessonov. Artem Popov and me are running inside Novgorod Kremlin.
P.P.S. The author of the photo from mass-start is Vera Gracheva.

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  1. Thank God for two gold medals of Galina during championships!