Sunday, September 25, 2016

3rd place at Moscow Marathon!

Today Galina and me participated in Moscow Marathon event. We choose 10 km road running (course is certificated by AIMS). Galina completed race at 3rd place with a good time 34:44.

Winner was Elena Sedova, Russian champion-2016 at 5000 m (and silver medal winner at 10000 m). Galina was 1:13 behind Elena. In 2014 she already competed against Elena Sedova at 5000 m. Second place took Ekaterina Sokolenko (silver medal winner at Russian championships-2016 in 3000 m steeplechase). Women results are here.

Official split time at 5 km mark was 17:01. Weather was quite good, near +8+10 C, little bit windy, but without rain.

Some more O-runners have participated in the Moscow Marathon-2016:
Julia Novikova was #9 with time 36:25
Andrei Baryshnikov was #12 with time 31:36 (men result list is here).
Mikhail Vinogradov was #39 with time 34:27. It is not so fast, but my main task was to pull-out Galina from strong chasing girls:

P.S. Last two photos are from K. Averkiev and from PhotoRun website.

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