Thursday, September 8, 2016

PB in distance running of international sprint elite runners (Updated!)

3000/5000 m is a good test to measure physical capacity for Sprint events. Here are PB's at 3000 m and 5000 m of international sprint elite runners:

I counted only best sprint runners in 2016, e.g. Yannick Michiels has best ever PB's among O-runners (3000 m 7:59.42 - 24.07.2015, 5000 m - 13:47.60 - 23.05.2015), but he did not perform top O-races in the season 2016. I have used following criteria to select runners for analysis:
1. Top-10 in the World of O sprint ranking, or
2. Top-10 in the IOF-sprint ranking, or
3. Top-10 at main IOF races in 2016 (WC Sprint in Poland, EOC sprint, WOC sprint, WC final), or
4. 1-3 place at the legs in IOF Sprint relays 2016 (WC sprint relay in Poland, EOC sprint relay, WOC sprint relay, WC final Sprint relay)

P.S. Please, help me to update this list with missing results/statistics! Thanks in advance!
P.P.S. On the title photo: 'Galina Vinogradova is on the start line!' (author of the photo is Natalia Gemperle).
P.P.P.S. Info is updated with new results and few new names from WC final (08.11.2016)


  1. I've done 14.06’10” for 5000m in 2009

  2. Thanks for the effort! Would be nice to include e.g. Yannick here as well, as he will probably be a man to look out for next year. Also, would be nice to be able to sort on time for a given discipline?

    1. thanks for you kind comment!
      1) Updated in the text with Yannick PBs.
      2) Right now runners are sorted by World of O sprint ranking. Sorting by time at particular distance is a questionable task, cause some PB are pretty old. Can you give describe, please, benefits of such lists?

    2. It would be nice to be able to sort on time at particular distance to get a quick overview on who has run good times. I know that since many times are old (or not ran when in top shape) this does not at all tell the complete story, still it is nice with the overview. If the data was shared in e.g. a Google Sheet, one would have the possibility to sort.

    3. OK, I will try to make it. Thanks for suggestion!