Sunday, September 22, 2013

Victory in the National Running Day: 7,7 km - 26:00

22 September is the National Running Day in Russia. 80 cities and towns participate in running initiative this year. In total 491 thousands runners entered to competition. I was running in my home city Barnaul (West Siberia) at the distance 7,7 km road running. I won competition with quite good time - 26:00 (3:23 min/km).

Runners from different ages compete at the different distances: 1 km (for youngest), 3,8 km (for everyone), 5,7 km (female juniors - 1994 and younger), 7,7 km main course for adult women and male juniors (1994 and younger), and 11,5 km was a main course for adult men. Numbers are not round because of using perpendicular streets like turn points (we was running along Lenins prospectus and different distances have different turn points).

Women started together with male juniors. Thats was good for me, because ~3 km I was running together with juniors leaders.


Then 2 juniors made a gap and I finished at the third place among male juniors and at the first place among women.

Weather was acceptable +8 C.

 Total climb is 80 meters. 
Schedule is:
3 km 10:06
5 km 17:04
7,7 km - 26:00 (the last part of the course was quite flat and fast. Last kilometer is about 3:09)

Prize giving ceremony: 2nd place - Eugenia Vasilieva (28:10), 1st place Galina Vinogradova (26:00), 3rd place - Nadezhda Vopilova (28:17) - all of us have small sons.

My daughter Anna (6 years old) participated in this competition as well. She ran 1 km:

Anna wants to run like mama and has fan from any activities:

P.S. On the title photo I am 200 m before the finish.

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