Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Johan Runesson tells about factors of successful performance in Orienteering

What is a performance in Orienteering? How important is physical preparation relevant to other factors that relate to success in Middle, Long, Sprint, Relay? One of the brightest junior athlete and now the World class O-runner - Johan Runesson - tells about the relative importance of physical preparation, navigational skills, and tactics for performance in Orienteering:

Sprint 85%:10%:5% lot about running but of course you have to make a clean race! I also believe how you set up your race sometimes have importance like if you push hard from the start or if you go a bit slow in the beginning to be strong in the end.

Long 80%:15%:5% here the physical aspect is more of a really strong engine that can keep going!

Middle 50%:40%:10%, in my opinion, the most technical one since hear you can't make any mistakes cause the race is to short to make up a mistake! It all comes down to try to make the perfect race.

Relay not last legs! 80%:10%:10% with strong physical skills you can use the other runners around you even if you are not the best technical person.

Relay last legs. 70%:10%:20%, of course, physical performance is important but here when you know we are running to decide positions it is often runners how are good tactical that often get high positions!

P.S. Skills mean an orienteering technique; Tactics means the interaction with other runners and pacing during the race.
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