Saturday, May 9, 2020

Is it possible to avoid forgetting important things before the race?..

Like a coach (National and club) I saw many times when stressed athletes forgot a control description holder, orienteering shoes, accreditation, bib-number, safety cord for the SI-card, and so on. Sometimes it is possible to fix it (wise coach has some extra-things). But forgotten O-shoes or head-lamp with a low battery is gonna be a problem! And it is easy to explain such things: when you are in stress, it is hard to keep in your memory a dozen things! So is it possible to avoid forgetting important things before the race?

I was thinking a lot about this problem. And finally, I got a solution. I have developed a free application 'Zihi checklists' to solve such problems. It is available at App Store:

Google Play:

And at the website: 

What is it? The service allows you to create a check-list (or save a good public check-list from another person) and use it!

Here is a checklist from Galina Vinogradova for international sprint races:

Just save it and use it before the race! Mark point as "done" and you will be sure that everything is under control!

If you want to create a checklist only for yourself - just keep it "Private".

There is an opportunity to create check-lists for 280 sports and activities (such as Travel, Learning, Pets, Health&Wellbeing, Reading, and so on).

Also, you can put a link to other resources (e.g., websites of your sponsors or some information sources) into each check-point!

Pass on your Experience - this is the motto of this project!

Please, download the app and start using it! This is totally free, and I've made it for you, my friends.

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