Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Days 1143-1146. The end of long season-2015

The season 2015 finally is over. The last races were Russian championships final in Sochi (Olympics capital 2014), 9-12 November. Forest courses were quite tricky because of steep and slippery slopes (cold heavy rains brought a lot of difficulties).

First day I ran Middle. The place is third. Map with my GPS-tracks from Middle:

Second day I ran forest relay (2 women in the team). My teammate Olga Novichkova came at 9th position. I improved it to the 7th overall place. Map with my GPS-tracks:

Third day we had a Mixed Sprint relay. That was first time in the program of Russian championships. I represents Altai Region (1st leg O.Novichkova, 2nd leg V.Larin, 3rd leg N. Grigorov, 4th leg G. Vinogradova). It was fiendishly cold. Also snowfalls made surfaces very slippery. After three legs my team was at the 12th position. I made a good race and with best women leg time brought my team to the 4th position.

Last day was Ultra-Long with huge total climb (770 m). We had an individual start (contrary to Scandinavia where Ultra-Long usually has a form of mass-start). Course was split for three loops:

 With time 2:05.45 I got a bronze medal.

Many thanks for photos and moral support from members of Alfta-ÖSA OK! Strong Swedish guys took part in full 8-days program of Sochi O-week.

P.S. All results are published here (in Russian).