Sunday, February 22, 2015

3rd place in POM-2015

Day 0. Sprint Relay was the first event. I had quite good team - first leg - Julia Novikova, second and third leg - Georgiy Mavchun from Russia and Joao Mega Figueiredo (Portugal). My teammates gave me the 7th position and I completed relay at the 3rd place with the best leg time.

Results are here. Jarla team got DSQ and that moved up my team to second place behind Halden SK. The course was physically challenged and I pushed really hard, but Mari Fasting had too big gap after changeover. Scottish team was number 3.

There is long winter in Siberia (from beginning of November to the end of March) and I have a lack of competitive practice this period. And my coach Mike and me decided to run with full speed all 6 races at POM 2015.

Day 1. Second race was Long. Forest was really 'clean' and I had a good speed. Unfortunately I made too many huge mistakes including 4.22 time lost at 7th control. As result I got 7th place and 4 minutes behind Minna Kauppi. Results are here.

Day 1. Night sprint. I do not practice night training at all and it is challenged to me to run such races. But I made quite safe navigation and won race with same time as my friend Julia Novikova. Kine Hallan Steiwer was #3. Results are here. Course was really interesting. Town was small but organizers used it for 100%!

Day 2. Middle was not so difficult but I have started to feel fatigue in my legs! I got 4th place 2 minutes behind Catherine Taylor. Results and splits are here.

Day 3. At Long WRE I was really satisfied by high quality of vegetation drawing. I made a good race but at the second last control I missed passage through the green and lost 2 minutes and second place: Minna won race and Saila Kinni got silver medal with 50 seconds ahead of me. Results are here.

Day 4. I got third start position at chasing start, quite far away from Minna Kauppi and Catherine Taylor. I am not satisfied by quality of vegetation drawing. Sometimes in light green I even stuck! Also I think that control 15 (#158) was on the wrong position (or may be map around this place was wrong). I lost a lot of time there but I was able to keep my third overall position. Results are here.

All maps you can find here.

P.S. Photos are from Portugal O'Meeting 2015 Facebooks group .

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