Thursday, June 5, 2014

Current list of Galina Vinogradova's PBs

Today Galina ran 5000 m in 16:18.58. For last months Galina Vinogradova renewed PBs for distances from 1500 to 5000 m. Here is a current list:


1500 m - 4:33.0 (Barnaul, 05/01/2014)
2000 m - 6:19.39 (Novosibirsk, 16/11/2013)
3000 m - 9:31.65 (Irkutsk, 19/01/2014)

5000 m -  16:18.58 (Kemerovo, 05/06/2014)

Today race has a title of Siberian track&field championships (outdoor). With quite good time Galina got a silver medal. Time schedule was:
1) 3:06
2) 3:12
3) 3:15 (3000 m 9:34)
4) 3:22
5) 3:22

P.S. On the title photo you can see a final 3000 m race at Siberian track&field championships (Irkutsk, indoor), where Galina took a bronze medal.
P.P.S. Some photos from today 5000 m are here (thanks for Ekaterina Pivovarova):
First kilometer Galina was running in front, but then strong Elena Sedova (she was nominated by EAA like Best European athlete of November 2013) came to the leading position.

Galina kept contact before 4th kilometer but then lost contact and came to the finish at the second place.

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