Monday, April 2, 2018

PB in distance running of international sprint elite runners (02.04.2018)

3000/5000 m is an often used test to measure the physical capacity of Sprint athletes. Here are PB's at 3000 m and 5000 m of international sprint elite runners:

Runners are sorted by IAAF best points at 3000 m/5000 m/5 km (also I have added results at HM and 10km/10000 m with IAAF points, but this is an optional information).

Criteria for the inclusion of particular runner into these lists are:
1. Top-10 in the current IOF-sprint ranking, or
2. Top-10 in the current World of O sprint ranking, or
3. Top-10 at main IOF races in 2017 (World Games Sprint in Poland, WOC sprint, WC sprint in Finland, WC sprint in Latvia), or
4. 1-3 place at the legs in IOF Sprint relays 2017 (WG sprint relay in Poland, WOC sprint relay, WC sprint relay in Finland, WC final Sprint relay in Switzerland).

The previous post about PB of international sprint runners (based on the results in 2016) you can find here.

P.S. Please, help me to update this list with missing results/statistics! Thanks in advance!
P.P.S. On the title photo: Galina Vinogradova is running at Siberian indoor championships.

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  1. Thanks to Per Einar Pedersli and Frédéric Tranchand, they have provided some new information!