Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thank God for the new medal!

That was a tough fight on the challenging (physically and technically) course! Thank God for the new medal!

And congratulations to another medal winners: Judith Wyder, Nadija Volynska, And Maja Alm. Two other Russian girls (Dvorianskaia Anna and Rudnaia Anastasia) are in top 10! That's a really good performance.

P.S. That's shame that organizers announced Maja Alm like a medal winner but then realized that she is #4. For any runner such situation is a big stress! I think some-one has to apologize to Maja.

P.P.S. New info: Maja Alm is also bronze medal winner (Galina has said: 'That's good!')

P.P.P.S. Story from Galina, analysis, training data, maps, some insights to training process are coming soon as a part of separate post in our blog

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