Wednesday, May 20, 2015

IOF ranking: Are there no more zero points?..

New IOF ranking system has been adopted with words - there are no more zero points at WRE in new points system. Take a look at the picture:

Competitions has been completed one week ago. 2 days ago IOF has updated points with this strange result! I wrote to different IOF emails but did not get any response.

Unfortunately miss-calculations, delays for 3-4 weeks with updates of ranking after particular competitions is a normal situation right now! Is this the way to develop this tool? Also instead of old ranking it is impossible to check calculations by your-self (I had doubt about points calculation for some races, but you simply can not repeat it!)

I want to point your attention that for the moment you can not predict strength of WRE. Let say, after child-birth you want to improve your IOF ranking and have a good starting position at WOC. You have to choose strong WRE then. But it is impossible to say for sure which races are gonna give high points to winners!

There is using of IOF ranking like a main WOC-selection criteria in the Russian National team. I guess that some National coaches from other teams are interested to see efficient picture. But with such miss-calculations and huge delays it is tough!

IOF administration! Please, make everything to be sure that IOF ranking works in proper way!


  1. Great! Finally IOF has fixed points from Swedish League:

  2. I assume that it is good to have easier way to inform IOF about such problems. Also it is necessary to make clear all calculations (as in the old ranking system)

  3. Calendar in IOF ranking is not connected with IOF Eventor and looks pretty ugly!
    Friends! Please, write your comments and suggestions here. I guess that IOF can not recognize that something wrong.